Kroger My Prescriptions – Kroger Prescriptions Plans

Kroger My Prescriptions – Kroger Prescriptions Plans


Kroger My Prescriptions gives you easy access to manage prescriptions for yourself and others.

Kroger My Prescriptions Login allows you to set up Auto-Refill, review expense reports, pay online, and view your prescription history.

With the help of the Kroger Prescriptions Plans portal, you are also allowed to transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies to any of the Kroger Family of Pharmacies.

To use this awesome service, one must have to registered for it.

Have you already registered for Kroger Prescriptions Plans? do you know how to use Kroger My Prescriptions? No, then go through our guide below.

Benefits of Kroger My Prescriptions

My Prescriptions Kroger is here to help simplify your pharmacy experience. 

Kroger Prescriptions helps you with the following –

  • Manage your prescriptions
  • Manage prescriptions for others
  • Refill prescriptions or set up Auto-Refill
  • Add new prescriptions
  • Check your order status
  • Pay for prescriptions online

How to Use Kroger My Prescriptions? Registration Steps

To sign up for Kroger My Prescriptions, one must be a current or former pharmacy customer at one of the Kroger Family of Pharmacies. Then, follow the given below steps –

  • Go to

  • On the home page menu, select My Prescriptions
  • Now, sign in with your digital account by entering the correct username and password.
  • If you don’t have a digital account, start by selecting “Create an Account.”

After Kroger My Prescriptions Login successfully, you have access to a lot of facilities of this portal.

Add a Patient

After Kroger My Prescriptions Login, you need to select a Patient for which you want to buy your Prescriptions.

Select one out of “Add Myself,” “Add a Child,” “Add a Pet,” or “Access Another Adult,” and fill out the patient information below.

  • To add a child or pet, you will need the previous prescription number, found on the prescription bottle.
  • To add another adult, they will have to create their own account first, then grant you access.
  • To add multiple people or pets, choose “Add a Patient” from the menu after adding the first person or pet.

Verification and Security

If you are adding yourself to My Prescriptions, you will have to answer some security questions in order to confirm your identity.

If you are adding another adult, child, or pet, at this point you will enter their prescription number and pharmacy phone number.

Next, you’ll choose your own security questions to answer at the login.

Welcome to My Prescriptions Kroger

Okay! you’re set-up for Kroger My Prescriptions and now you can manage prescriptions, pay online, access Auto-Refill and more!

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Kroger Prescriptions Plans FAQ

Where can I find my prescription number?

You will find your prescription number on the label attached to your prescription bottle.

This number will be also printed on the prescription receipt you received at the pharmacy.

Can I set up My Prescriptions if I don’t have a prescription number?

To create a My Prescriptions account, you need to have a prescription number from one of Kroger’s Family of Pharmacies.

To have a prescription number, call the Kroger Family of Pharmacies location where you filled your prescription to get this information.

Feel free to ask your doubts below, thank you.

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