Greatpeople wont let me request off

Greatpeople wont let me request off: Greatpeople me Login | Kroger Employees can perform the Login using the website which was to check their Kroger Eschedule and Greatpeople wont let me request off | Kroger Employee Login @ www.Greatpeople Kroger is the a well-known stable retail company in USA and is considered as the second largest Greatpeople wont let me request off.

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Question on requesting time off – Kroger Employee Forum

17/07/2017  · Go to click on your ‘myschedule’ then to your upper right you’ll see schedule ‘portal’. Click on it then go to availability and request the days you need off. You have to do this at least 2 weeks in advance. Anything under 14 days you can’t request off on line. Thanks, I was going to do that anyway. can’t even change availability : kroger – reddit can’t even change availability. Hello everyone, fellow employee of Ralphs in Southern California. I have a question for people still use In there you are suppose to be able to change your availability , but it seems a few people I have spoken to has experienced a bug where this can’t be changed now.

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Would the op have quit too?

I would have quit too. The OP is a very poor motivator and fails at team building. This was a golden opportunity to embrace and support a real winner. Instead the OP snubbed her.

Would you give a manager a clear “up yours”?

For the record, if I had someone who came to me for an interview and said “You should know I did this” and described handing the manager his/her a clear “Up yours!” in this situation, I would be strongly inclined to hire her, because I view the employee’s actions as perfectly professional. The manager, OTOH, wouldn’t be worth sour owl spit.

What do you hope Wonder-employee will turn down?

I hope Wonder-Employee will turn down any and all blandishments and find a better job with a decent human being sitting in the boss’s chair. Robert Hotel manager*July 13, 2016 at 10:12 am

How can I make my replies more readable?

Simplicity is an excellent goal, but some visual break distinguishing your reply might help pacify a large swath of newly minted readers who don’t look so deep as your customary audience. Your reply of course is excellent, the reader at the top of the thread probably just caught a name from somewhere and was venting in blind rage.

Why Good Employees Quit

Bad managers at work. Why good employees quit!

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